Care Tips for Your Luxury Mechanical Watch

Care Tips for Your Luxury Mechanical Watch

Do you know watches are built to last long, and if you take care of your luxury mechanical watch properly, you can pass it to your next generation as well? Are you surprised to read this? But, this is true. Curious to know how you can ensure a long life for your watch? Here are some care tips for your watch.

Don’t Place Your Watch Close to Magnets

You should never keep your watch close to a magnet because keeping it close to the magnet can affect its timekeeping.

Know the Water Resistance Limit of Your Watch

The water resistance limits of all watches are not the same. Different watches have different water resistance limits. Therefore, you should first know the water resistance limit of your watch. If your watch’s water resistance limit is up to 50 meters, you should take it off before going for snorkeling. The watch will not be able to handle the pressure and may get damaged. If your watch is not water-resistant, protect it from splashes as well.

Take Care of the Crystal

Many people scratch or break the crystals of their expensive watches by banging them against a wall, table, or any other hard surface. You must be careful about it.

Keep Your Watch in Watch Box

Many people are accustomed to keeping their watches here and there. Sometimes, they keep their watch on the table, bed, or anywhere else, and they forget where they have kept the watch. Sometimes, they keep the watch on their bed, and their kids drop milk or pee on it. To avoid such a bad experience, you should make a place for your watch. You should mount your watch box at one place, and always keep your watch in the box after taking it off.

Protect it from Sunlight

Sunlight exposure can cause the watch to lose its shine and colour. Besides, heat can damage the battery and shorten its life. So, you must be careful about sun exposure to your watch.

Protect it from Chemical Exposure

You must protect your watch from chemical exposure because the exposure to chemical substances, such as cleaning supplies, cologne, perfume, and oils, can damage their leather bands.

Keep Your Watch Clean

Clean your watch with a soft cloth piece. Don’t be harsh at the watch while cleaning it, or the cleaning can result in scratches.

The above-mentioned tips are some common tips to take care of your watch. However, you must read your user manual because that will give you specific information about your specific watch. And when you notice any issues with your mechanical watch, bring your watch to us. We provide specialized watch repair services in Vancouver.