Caring for Your Jewelry to Make it Last

Caring for Your Jewelry to Make it Last

Your jewelry is often more than just a fashion statement. It can complete an outfit, but it can also represent a promise to someone, a memory passed down through generations, or a celebration of an accomplishment. Whether your jewelry is new or antique, it should be cared for properly so that it will mostly only require minor maintenance instead of major jewelry repair. Here are some ways to properly care for your beautiful pieces.

Keep your gemstones out of the sun!

Just as with many other colourful things, the sun’s harmful rays can alter the colour of gemstones if left in it directly for a long period of time. When you are storing your gemstone jewelry, be sure to store it away from direct sunlight to keep the natural vibrant colours over time.

Keep cleaning simple

In many cases, you can buy expensive cleaning solutions to clean your jewelry, however the best at home method to use is still a simple mix of soap and water with a soft bristled brush (a soft bristled toothbrush can work wonders). Especially on gemstones, it is important keep it simple. Harsh chemicals or strong vibrations can damage the stones. Get back to the basics for the best results at home!

Put it on last

If you are getting ready for a night out on the town, be sure that your jewelry is the last part of your outfit you put on and the first part to be taken off at the end of the night. Many chains are quite delicate and can easily get caught on clothing and break. Also, lotions, perfumes, sprays, etc., can cause damage to delicate jewelry pieces and make them dirty as well. Protect your jewelry now, so you won’t need jewelry repair later.

Take your jewelry in for maintenance at the first sign of a problem

Just like anything else in your life that gets used regularly, if you want it to last, you have to give it some tender loving care. Watches should be taken to a jeweler to be cleaned and fixed once every 3-5 years; rings can be cleaned, resized, or have the prongs re tightened or re-tipped when needed; and chains should be cleaned and checked for clasp issues and wear. Some regular maintenance is the best method to ensure your jewelry lasts for years to come.

If properly cared for, jewelry can stand the test of time but be sure to maintain it and get jewelry repair completed when you do notice any issues.