Dialing Back the Years with Watch Dial Repair Services

Dialing Back the Years with Watch Dial Repair Services

Maybe it belonged to a loved one, maybe it has sentimental value, or perhaps it was a gift given in celebration of a special occasion; whatever the reason, we often form an emotional attachment to watches. And as we care for these pieces so much, we want them to look and function like new for as long as possible.


Watches are one of the few accessories that are worn daily, and that means that damage and wear are bound to occur. Damage to the face of your watch, in particular, may seem like a desperate situation. Thankfully, there are very few situations that are hopeless, if you have the right help. Whether you own a timepiece that has simply stopped keeping time and needs watch battery replacement, or your watch requires a complete overhaul, an experienced watchmaker can make it right.


The face of your watch is arguably the most important part of your watch, if you like telling time. Exposure and wear can cause the dial of your watch to fade, and accidents resulting in damage can happen. Watch dial repair services can refinish an existing dial, making the original dial look new, or in cases where it is required, replace the dial with a manufacturer’s replacement or closely matching option. Conversely, dial repair services are also your chance to take something old and give it a brand new face. Dials are available in custom colour options and in dozens of different finishes, textures, and treatments.


A broken face can often lead to damaged watch hands. However this type of impairment is almost always repairable when the repairs are undertaken by an experienced professional. A watchmaker can refinish the original hands or replace damaged hands with manufacturer or custom replacements. And just as there colour options for your watch dial, there are colour, size, and style options available for watch hands, if you are looking to change or update your timepiece.


Sometimes the damage from the face goes deeper than the surface. The mechanics that run your watch are intricately tied together and one small piece out of balance can throw the entire movement off. The answer may be as simple as a watch battery replacement for quartz watches, but other times you may require complete watch movement services to locate and resolve the problem. In either case, problems with watch movements should only be addressed by a professional watchmaker.