Jewelry Restoration Services are Not Just For Antiques

Jewelry Restoration Services are Not Just For Antiques
Do you have a favourite pair of earrings, watch, bracelet, or ring, that have severely lost their luster and you just aren’t sure what to do with them? If you have a damaged piece of precious-to-you jewelry that needs more than just a polish, it may be time for jewelry restoration services. Yes, that’s right, jewelry restoration services are not only for vintage or antique jewelry pieces, restoration services are for any piece of jewelry that could use a little, or a lot of TLC to restore them to their original state of glory.

What are the Difference between Repair and Restoration?

These may sound like two different ways to say the same thing, however there is a big difference between a jewelry repair and jewelry restoration services. Jewelry repair involves addressing some fairly obvious defects – a broken clasp, bent prong, or missing link, however jewelry restoration services, which often include repairs, take it one step further to restore your jewelry piece to (or very close to) its original state. This process requires a skilled hand equipped with the right tools and knowledge to restore your piece without leaving any trace of the restoration.

Types of Jewelry Restoration Services

Some jewelry simply needs a deft hand and the right equipment to bring it back to its original state. These jewelry restoration services may include a deep clean, polishing, migraine detailing, and enhancing worn filigree. Even jewelry pieces that have been damaged beyond recognition are salvageable. This may include completely worn detailing, illegible engravings, or severely tarnished metal.

Other jewelry pieces may require more in-depth jewelry restoration services that include a repair component. If the damage to your piece is more than just cosmetic, skilled repairs may also be required. A skilled jeweler can overseer-cutting of precious stones, tightening a setting, and building up worn prongs and shanks.What separates a jeweller who can simply repair a piece from one who can restore a piece are the materials and techniques used. A quality restoration will be indistinguishable from the original piece of jewellery.

In cases of more severe damage, jewelry restoration services may be required to replace rather than repair some of the damaged components. These services may include replacement missing prongs, replicating a clasp, or selecting and cutting a perfectly matched precious stone to replace one that is missing. Where a less skilled jeweler may attempt a restoration repair with lesser quality materials and without the skills and knowledge required to incorporate seamless transitions, an expert jeweler with experience in restorations will have the required tools and knowledge to make the repairs indistinguishable from the original.