Keeping your Jewelry’s Meaning Alive with Jewelry Restoration Services

Keeping your Jewelry’s Meaning Alive with Jewelry Restoration Services
Jewelry is often more than just a pretty accessory that glistens in the sunlight. Jewelry is sometimes passed down through generations and holds a special place in its owners’ hearts. Sometimes we give jewels to say, “I love you”, “congratulations”, or even “be mine for the rest of our lives.” Jewelry is given to send a message. You have probably heard the phrase “diamonds are forever”, however the jewelry that they are placed in doesn’t always last forever. As time goes on, the prongs that hold your precious stones in place may become bent or worn, the metal may get tarnished, or worse, you may lose stones or have breaks in the chain. All of these things can leave you nervous about wearing your jewelry, or even unable to do so. These issues and more can be fixed and prevented by taking your treasured pieces in for jewelry restoration services. With the proper tools and a skilled jeweler, nearly any piece of jewelry can be restored to brand new condition.

What are some of the common problems fixed during jewelry restoration services?

Jewelry cleaning and polishing

Over time, jewelry will get dirty and lose its beautiful shine. It is important to clean your jewelry regularly on your own; however, for a nice touch up, it is also a good idea to take your jewelry in for a thorough cleaning and polishing to keep it sparkling like new.

Chain repairs

Chains may end up broken due to regular wear, especially with delicate chains. Repairing broken links and clasps on bracelets, necklaces, and anklets is quite common and can save an otherwise unusable accessory.

Ring resizing

Over the span of years, finger size can change, or older rings may be passed down to a new person.  In either case, a resizing would be required to make the ring larger or smaller.

Ring claw re-tipping and tightening to ensure stones are secure

Over time, the prongs that keep the stones in place may become bent or worn away. This leaves your stones vulnerable to becoming loose or falling out. The claws can be replaced or re-tipped in order to ensure that your stones stay tightly in place.

Stone replacement

Especially in antique jewelry, stones will often be lost or fall out. Jewelry restoration services are able to replace stones that may have fallen out or even swap out a stone for a new stone if you desire a change.

Gemstone re-cutting for chipped or broken stones

In some circumstances, sometimes a stone will become chipped or cracked. A jewelry restoration expert should be able to recut your stones to ensure that they do not become further damaged and if desired, the re-cut stone could be transferred to a different piece of jewelry.