Jewellery Services

Jewelry Services

Jewelry Repair, Restoration and Care Services for Your Favourite Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry is an expression of self, and taking care of your treasures and trinkets means you’re taking care of you. At On Time, we’ve built our business on caring for our customers and helping them restore, repair and maintain their precious jewelry, so its sparkle never fades. From simple jewelry repairs to custom ring designs, ring sizing, and appraisals, we offer services that extend the beauty of every item. We are On Time, and this is our craft.

Conveniently Located inside 30 Hudson’s Bay locations, you can expect the same level of expertise and customer dedication no matter where you visit us. We perform same-day repairs on smaller jobs and send more complex jobs to our experienced jewelers and restorers. When you leave a treasured piece of jewelry with On Time Services, you leave it in good hands. We promise to deliver, in every aspect of the exchange.