Chain Solders and Repairs

Chain Solders and Repairs

Chain Solders and Repairs

Fix Your Broken Links and Clasps to Secure Your Chain

Your chains get pulled, twisted, and caught on clothing, and that pressure can cause your chain to stretch or break. When your chain links snap, you don’t need a new piece for your favourite pendants, because the team at On Time is ready to solder and repair your chains, no matter the metal, with precision and skill.

Not all chains are created equal. While primary link-through-link attachments are common and simple to fix, we can work with any style chain including but not limited to:

We take some time to identify the problem, checking the broken links, and ensuring the clasp is in good condition. Most chains will begin to wear where the clasp meets the chain, so even if that’s not the point of repair, we will assess it and determine if it needs work too. On Time is committed to delivering quality service every time, and that means preventive repairs where required.

If your chain has stretched loops, we can simply reform those loops, reattaching to the original. If those loops were lost, our team sources an exact match to make the repairs possible. And if the clasp is broken or lost, we can replace it with an exact match too.

When your chain requires soldering to fix, our jewelers use careful hands to ensure a smooth join and no damage to the metal. We cut, place, and rejoin chains using a solder pick or probe to ensure precision work, with no excess solder. Working with delicate links in intricate chain arrangements requires a steady hand, years of practice, and above all, patience.

Whatever the problem with your chain, we can return it to its former glory, so you can trust that it will remain secure.

Located inside 30 Hudson’s Bay locations, our services are available where and when you need them.

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