Custom Ring Design

Custom Ring Design

Custom Ring Design

Bring Your Vision to Life with our Custom Ring Services

Jewelry is meant to be as unique as it’s owner, and when you’re looking for the perfect ring, sometimes you can’t find it on a shelf.

The jewelers at On Time have been doing this work for years, and while the idea of creating your own custom ring might seem daunting, once you start pulling together the vision, you’ll quickly learn to love the process.

We work with you to determine stone, metal, and style of ring, help you set your budget, then source the materials and get to work.

We start with a consultation, where we take all your thoughts and inspiration,and turn them into a design concept. Once we’ve perfected and settled on the concept, we move into modeling, so we can offer you a multi-angle preview of your design, then we apply refinements and changes before it’s cast.

When your design has been reviewed and approved, we will turn your vision into reality. Our experienced jewelers draw on years of experience and inspiration and combine those with the latest technology and techniques to deliver a stunning final product. We build the ring, set the gemstones, and put the piece through our rigorous quality assurance process to make sure every custom ring is as flawless as the owner.

Whether you’re ready to pop the question with a custom-designed ring or looking to make an impression with your unique ideas, the team at On Time is ready to bring your vision to reality. Working to create beautiful, rare rings fuels our passion for the industry, and we can’t wait to work with you.

Conveniently Located inside 30 Hudson’s Bay locations, our services are available where and when you need them.

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