New Claws and Re-Tips

New Claws and Re-Tips

New Claws and Re-Tips

Protecting Your Jewels with New Ring Claws and Tips

We’ve all had the same nightmare – you look down at your beautiful ring only to discover that your gemstone is missing, and you have no idea where it has gone.

Damaged claws and tips are the major culprits to this nightmare becoming a reality. Rings take a disproportionate amount of abuse versus other types of jewelry. Your hands go through a lot in a day, and by proxy that ring you’ve worn for the last 10 years. From washing dishes and getting groceries to climbing mountains and hitting the beach, your rings experience constant stress and can break down over time. New ring claws can save your precious gems.

Claws and tips can be replaced after they’ve broken, but there are also ways to tell if you’re at risk for losing a stone. Pay attention to your rings if you notice the following:

And it’s important to note, that if one of your claws or tips is in need or repair or replacement, they all are. Time means wear and tear for your rings, across the board whether you can see it or not, and we recommend going for a full replacement once they start to degrade. Securing your stone is of the utmost importance to the entire team at On Time. We’re ready to keep you (and your stones) feeling secured.

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