Watch Batteries

Watch Batteries

Watch Batteries

Keep Your Watch Tick-Tocking with a Freshly Installed Battery

Without a battery,  your battery operated watch is just a non-functional piece of jewelry. Too often, our timepieces are left sitting for awhile, only to be without a working battery when we’re ready to wear them. Dead batteries can be a frustrating part of watch ownership. Not to fear, On Time can get your watch up and working the same day in most cases.

We offer complete watch battery replacement services using high-quality Swiss-made Renata watch batteries:

Many customers feel they can change the watch battery themselves, and end up damaging the watch in the process. Despite the countless YouTube videos to the contrary, we do not recommend attempting to change your batteries. You can introduce a foreign object into the mechanisms, scratch or damage your crystals or watch backs, and generally, create a much bigger need for repair when trying to go the DIY route.

Bring your watches to the trusted experts at On Time for a quick and friendly watch battery replacement. And if your watch needs more than a new ticker, we can help with that too! Located inside 30 Hudson’s Bay locations, our services are available where and when you need them.

Our Watch Battery services cover a wide range of watch brands.

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