Watch Crystals

Watch Crystals

Watch Crystals

Keep Your Watch Gleaming with Crystal Repair and Replacement Services

Whether your watch crystal is made with plastic or glass, it’s the part of your beloved timepiece that takes the brunt of abuse from daily wear and tear. Accidental impact, long term wear, certain types of work and extenuating circumstances can all impact the way your watch looks by scratching up the crystal and making it harder to read and less appealing to the eye.

Not only are broken or damaged crystals hard to look at, but they can also compromise the integrity of the timepiece and allow moisture or debris to enter and impact movement functions, or worse, create rust issues that aren’t identified quickly. Keeping your crystal in perfect working order will not only save the face of your watch but the inner workings as well.

Our watch crystal services include:

We assess the crystal damage, and the watch crystal repair follows the same process as our Movement Services, with complete care and attention given to every part of the watch to ensure we don’t impact any other parts. When we replace the crystal we ensure perfection before reassembling the watch to its former glory. Located inside 30 Hudson’s Bay locations, our services are available where and when you need them.

Our Watch Crystal Replacement and Repair services cover a wide range of watch brands.

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