Watch Movement Services

Watch Movement Services

Watch Movement Services

Complete Technical Revisions to Keep Your Time Pieces Running on Time

Watches require maintenance to run smoothly, and if it’s been more than five years since your watch was last checked by a professional, chances are you need to have it evaluated.When your watch movements aren’t performing as they should, you’re not keeping time. We can assess your concerns and provide expert advice and solutions to stop your watch from losing or gaining minutes.

We provide movement services for:

Every Movement Service follows our trusted and tested format, that starts with a complete diagnostic to ensure your watch is in good standing condition and ends with a thorough quality assurance review.

Diagnose: a complete examination of every part and a review of all the watch’s features and functions to ensure they meet the manufacturers’ specifications.

Dismantle & Clean: we detach the strap or band, open and disassemble the case and place every part in the ultrasonic bath to be cleaned. We take care to wash the delicate parts manually.

Reassembly: Clean parts are reassembled, and seals can be replaced to assist with water resistance and/or to protect your watch from the elements.

Reassemble & Lubricate: the watch is reassembled according to manufacturers specifications, and all parts are properly oiled to ensure the watch works perfectly.

Quality Assurance: before returning your watch, we review our work, ensure the band is properly secured and check that your watch is now keeping perfect time as part of our test run procedures.

Located inside 30 Hudson’s Bay locations, our services are available where and when you need them.

Our Movement Services cover a wide range of watch brands.

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