Watch Stems & Crowns

Watch Stems & Crowns

Watch Stems & Crowns

Repairs and Replacements to Restore Time Setting Functionality

The stem and crown must be in good order for you to set your watch – without them, there is no way to keep time. Stems and crowns can quickly become damaged, and that damage can lead to a variety of other problems for your watch. When the stem and crown are damaged, they can allow air, dirt, and worst of all, moisture, into your watch, which will inevitably rust and likely destroy the movement.

When stems & crowns get damaged, repairs can be done (though we always recommend a complete Movement Service to ensure the piece remains in good operating condition and to provide a full warranty).

Stem and crown parts are frequently damaged by:

If your stem and crown require repair, our team can expertly and carefully disassemble your watch and perform a complete repair or replacement of the parts.

To replace your stem and crown we:

If at any time during the watchstem and crown repair, we believe your watch should have more in-depth repairs, we will contact you with our recommendations. Located inside 30 Hudson’s Bay locations, our services are available where and when you need them.

Our watch stem & crown services cover a wide range of watch brands.

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