Watch Waterproofing

Watch Waterproofing

Watch Waterproofing

Don’t Let a Little Water Create a Big Problem, Get Your Watch Water Tested

Let’s be clear about one thing –no watch is truly waterproof. Watches are water-resistant up to their designated depth, and anything beyond that can still compromise the efficacy.

Manufacturers often cover only 1-year of water resistance before the warranty on that component lapses – because some of the issues with waterproof effectiveness are user-related, they can’t guarantee anything beyond a year. An open stem or an unseen crack in the crystal can impact your watch and make it susceptible to water damage even at noted depths.

On Time can not only test the water-resistance of your favourite watch, but we can also repair weak areas and restore the water-resistance level to its original depth. Even the most robust looking watches can fall prey to water damage as the O-ring, usually made of rubber or silicone, can become damaged or degrade over time. Water is the most significant risk to watch functionality because it can impact so many parts and create rust issues with your movement and its moving parts.

Our watch waterproofing services include:

If your water-resistant watch is more than a year old, or you’re concerned that damage or wear have reduced the water resistance rating, let the team at On Time assess your watch before you take a plunge. Located inside 30 Hudson’s Bay locations, our services are available where and when you need them.

Our Watch Waterproofing services cover a wide range of watch brands.

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