Reducing Your Waste by Using Jewelry Repair Services Rather than Replacing

Reducing Your Waste by Using Jewelry Repair Services Rather than Replacing

In a world of fast fashion creating excessive waste, we all need to do our part to try and reduce our footprint and keep usable items out of dumps. Disposing of a broken piece of jewelry or maybe a watch might not seem like a big deal, but if everyone were to repair, rather than jump to replace repairable jewelry, that’s millions of items that wouldn’t end up in our landfills. If you have a broken piece of jewelry, whether it’s an heirloom or simply a piece that you enjoy, consider jewelry repair services, or recycling, before throwing it away.

Jewelry Repair Services

There is no fix too little to too large to be repaired, for someone with the right tools and skills. Whether it is a necklace with a broken clasp, a bent or cracked ring or even a watch that is no longer keeping time, these items can usually be repaired and returned to you as good as new. Not only will you be saving money on the cost of a replacement, but you can feel better knowing that you have saved something usable from the landfill.

For items that truly cannot be returned to their original state, consider re purposing the items before throwing them away. A necklace can easily be made into a bracelet, a lone earring can be used as a decorative finish on a variety of craft projects; the only limit is your imagination (and what’s available on Pinterest!)

Recycling Unusable Jewelry and Watches

If you have a growing collection of broken, unusable jewelry, they could be worth money. Broken items made from gold, silver or platinum, or those containing certain precious gems could still be worth money if taken to the right place. Look for jewelry retailers or shops who specialize in purchasing these items, which will then be repurposed into new items.

A watch that is broken may be of value to someone looking for replacement parts, especially higher end watches. Check with a retailer who specializes in jewelry repair services, if your watch is truly beyond repair, they may be able to inform you if there is any value in recoverable parts. If there are no salvageable parts, your watch should be taken into a venue which properly recycles them, so that watch batteries do not end up in the garbage.

If everyone can do a little everyday to reduce their waste, it adds up to a lot!