Regular Jewelry Maintenance Keeps Jewelry in Top Condition

Regular Jewelry Maintenance Keeps Jewelry in Top Condition

We all have that favourite piece of jewelry that is our go-to piece. You know the one. Every time you put it on, you feel like a million bucks. One thing you might not think of is the need to maintain that precious piece. Just like anything else, jewelry must be maintained. With time, your favourite piece can get dirty, scratched, or broken, and require jewelry repair services.

Most of us only think about jewelry repair services when we’re having a big issue, but we shouldn’t wait until something is obviously broken. Regular maintenance can make a big difference in maintaining your favourite piece of jewelry. You may not notice a claw coming lose or light scuffing, but a professional will be able to evaluate your jewelry and suggest appropriate repairs that will keep it shining for years to come. Just imagine how much better it would be to catch and fix a lose claw, versus having to deal with a lost diamond or other gemstone.

Your jewelry maintenance schedule will be specific to you and your jewelry. Lots of little things can make a difference in how often you may need jewelry repair services. How often the piece is worn, the metals and gems that make up the overall design, and how you store the jewelry all make a difference in how it should be maintained. For example, if you only wear your favourite piece of jewelry once or twice a year and store it by itself in a jewelry pouch for the rest of the year, then it will not need yearly cleanings. On the other hand, if you have a diamond ring that is worn on a daily basis, it should be cleaned and inspected at least twice a year. If pearls are your go to jewelry, they should be taken for cleaning and re-stringing every couple of years, as their silk thread can deteriorate over time.

In addition to having a professional properly clean and maintain your jewelry, do your part to protect it from damage. For example, when not in use, store jewelry separate from other pieces in order to prevent scratches and damage.

During a routine cleaning, most jewelry repair services inspect the jewelry for signs of damage or areas of increased wear and can make recommendations on how to better extend the life of the piece. For example, if the technician finds scratching, lose settings, or bent prongs, they should tell you so you can make a plan together to maintain the piece.

It’s not unusual to make an effort to maintain something of value. You probably take your car in for regular maintenance, and take the time to maintain your home, so why not make a small effort to ensure your jewelry is maintained and kept in excellent condition? You’ll thank yourself in the long run.