April’s birthstone is the diamond, and as such, this month’s blog will be dedicated to exploring the characteristics of diamonds and how to care for your diamond jewellery.

Diamonds are one of the most exquisite gems possessing a timeless allure that captivates hearts worldwide. Often known to be the epitome of luxury and elegance, diamonds symbolize endurance and purity, making them a cherished treasure for all generations. However, to ensure their radiance and sparkle for years to come, proper care is essential. 

Read on to learn more about diamonds and discover simple care tips to maintain your diamond jewellery over time.

Characteristics About Diamonds 

Before exploring care tips for your diamond jewellery, let’s learn more about diamonds themselves. Renowned for their exceptional characteristics, diamonds have maintained enduring popularity and allure over time.

One of the characteristics of diamonds is hardness. They are known to be the hardest known natural material, scoring a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This property makes them highly resistant to scratching and abrasion. 

Diamonds also exhibit brilliance due to their ability to refract and reflect light. Their facets are cut precisely to maximize the dispersion of light, resulting in the sparkle that diamonds are famous for. 

Another significant characteristic of diamonds is their color. They span a spectrum from colorless to faint yellow or brown, with some rare specimens exhibiting fancy colors like pink, blue, and green. Colorless diamonds, prized for their purity and transparency, hold the highest value.

Diamonds are measured by carat weight, with one carat equivalent to 0.2 grams. Generally, larger diamonds are rarer and more valuable. However, factors like color, cut, and clarity also significantly impact a diamond’s worth.

Another important characteristic is the cut. The cut of a diamond encompasses its proportions, symmetry, and polish, directly impacting its overall appearance. A well-cut diamond optimizes light performance, thereby enhancing its beauty and value.

5 Simple Care Tips For Your Diamond Jewellery 

For enduring brilliance, proper cleaning of your diamond jewellery is essential. Here are five simple and essential care tips for your diamond jewellery:

  1. Regular Cleaning 

To keep your diamond jewellery sparkling, regular cleaning is essential. Try the Connoisseurs Jewellery Dazzle Stik cleaning gel, formulated with micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents that help bring the radiant shine to diamonds. You can find the Dazzle Stik at our locations across Canada

  1. Proper Storage 

To prevent scratches and abrasions, store your diamond jewellery separate from other jewellery. Consider using soft pouches or individual compartments within a jewellery box for safe storage.

  1. Professional Inspection 

From time to time, it’s advisable to have your diamonds inspected by a jeweller near you. This helps detect any potential issues early on, such as loose settings or damage. 

  1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Try to avoid exposing diamonds to harsh chemicals such as household cleaners and bleach, as they can cause damage to both the stone and its setting.

  1. Wear with Caution

To prevent accidental damage or loss, refrain from wearing diamonds during activities prone to impact or damage, such as sports or housework.

Finishing Up 

Diamonds boast numerous unique characteristics and are famously known as a girl’s best friend. However, to maintain their brilliance and enduring sparkle in your jewellery, proper care is essential. By adhering to the simple yet highly effective care tips outlined above, you can ensure the lasting splendor of your diamond jewellery for generations to enjoy.


1. Where can I have my diamond jewellery inspected or repaired?

If you require a professional inspection of your diamond jewellery or simple jewellery repairs, visit a Hudson’s Bay location, where our knowledgeable staff can assist you. For more intricate diamond jewellery repairs, please contact us directly.

2. Where can I purchase a Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik?

Easily restore the brilliance of your diamond jewellery with the user-friendly Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik. Find this product at any of our Hudson’s Bay locations throughout Canada.