Some people wear their jewelry chains continuously, while some people decide to wear them only for special occasions. Regardless of the frequency of use, each time you wear your chains they are susceptible to wear, tear and being caught on things, and when your chain breaks or becomes damaged, it can be quite upsetting. Luckily, chains can be quite easy to repair and often only require a quick trip to your local jeweler. A good jeweler should be able to replace broken clasps, close open chain links, and provide chain solders repair services as well.

Inspection of the Chain

The first step in dealing with a broken chain is to determine where the damage lies. Two main areas that are prone to damage include the clasps and the links.

Damaged Clasps

Some clasps can be quite delicate and can come off or become damaged. The clasps can be quite easy to replace; however, you may need to first find a clasp that closely matches the currently broken clasp or at least the style of the chain. Your jeweler should be able to help with this process.

Damage to the Links

The links are the main portion of the chain. Some types of links are much easier to repair than others. It is important to first find a link that matches the old chain or to determine if the link is fine to just solder close or simply close with pliers.

If links have been stretched or opened up, some simple plier work can be done to reclose or reshape the link to its original glory.

If chain solders repair services are required, it is important to find an experienced jeweler. One of the most important aspects of performing chain soldering repair services is to ensure that the joint being soldered are smooth and that no damage to the existing metal is incurred. This takes a steady hand, especially when working with small, delicate, or intricate chains.

If you find that your chain has been damaged and requires a bit of tender loving care, stop in to see an experienced jeweler. Some damage will require very precise and steady hands, and you don’t want to leave that job to just anyone. Ask the jeweler questions and ensure that they have the right experience to get the job done right.