Things You Are Doing That May Be Damaging Your Mechanical Watch

Things You Are Doing That May Be Damaging Your Mechanical Watch

A beautiful timepiece is an investment item, one that you want to properly care for so that it can continue to keep time meticulously for many years to come. However, as careful as we are with our mechanical watches, there are some very common mistakes many of us regularly make, which could end up shortening your watches’ life expectancy. Here are the top 4 mistakes people make when caring for their mechanical watches and what you can do to avoid them.

Incorrectly Storing Your Watch

Most people do not wear their watches ever day and one of the biggest mistakes that people make with their mechanical watches is incorrect storage. Heat, cold, and moisture are all natural enemies of the movement, dials, and gaskets inside your watch. Your watch should always be stored in a watch case, or in the box it came in, when it’s not being worn,not simply left on top of your dresser. As a best practice to avoid moisture build-up, you can also purchase silica packets to place inside the watch case. If you have noticed moisture build-up or the hands skipping,it is time for watch movement service, sooner rather than later.

Incorrectly Setting the Functions

If your mechanical watch has a date function, there are very specific times of day during which you can not set or change the date function. Referred to as the “danger zone” you should not change the date setting on your watch between 9 pm and 3 am, as the gears used to change the day have already begun to move and switching the date during that period can cause misalignment and broken parts.

Winding Your Watch While Wearing It

Just don’t. It may be tempting and convenient to simply wind your watch while it is on your wrist, however it can potentially cause some major complications. Winding your watch this way can lead to over winding, pulling the crown out too far or damaging the crown due to the incorrect angle. Always remove the watch before winding and stop once you feel the crown tighten, do not force it to go further. If you do have a broken or damaged crown, it can often be replaced by a horologist skilled in watch movement service.

Failing to Service Your Watch

Like the mechanical maintenance required on your car, your mechanical watch will require watch movement service every 2-3 years. Properly servicing your watch is the surest way to safeguard your investment. Failing to do so can significantly reduce the life expectancy of your timepiece.