5 Things You Should Not Be Doing With Your Jewelry

5 Things You Should Not Be Doing With Your Jewelry

Occasionally forgetting to take rings off while doing the dishes or showering with a necklace on; we are all guilty of doing things with our jewelry that we know we probably shouldn’t. However, if you want to avoid unnecessary jewelry repair in Edmonton, you should make a habit of not doing these 5 things with your jewelry:

Improper Cleaning (or Not Cleaning at All)

One of the most common jewelry faux pas, after making a habit out of swimming or showering with your jewellery on, is improper care of your jewelry. Abrasive cleaners can damage precious metals and some stones, but leaving dirt and body oils to collect can also cause damage to the settings. Professionals recommend not using cleaners that contain harsh chemicals anywhere near your jewelry, even costume jewelry; instead, simply clean with a mild dish soap, warm water and a soft cloth. Failing to correctly clean, or have your jewelry professionally cleaned, can lead to needing avoidable jewelry repair in Edmonton.

Never Taking Your Jewelry Off

Even though a marriage is forever, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever take off your wedding ring. Same goes for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions all leave residue on your jewelry that can tarnish the metal and damage settings. While forgetting to take your jewelry off for the occasional shower or dip in the pool isn’t the end of the world, making a habit out of wearing jewelry where it is likely to come into contact with chlorinated water, chemicals, and soaps is not recommended.

Not Maintaining Your Jewelry

If you have noticed that a setting is loose, a prong is bent, or you have attempted some DIY jewellery repair hack, you really should bring your item in for professional repairs. Basic jewelry repair for some of the most common types of damage, including bent prongs, broken clasps, tarnished metal, and misshapen bands, is surprisingly inexpensive. Rather than spending time trying to find ways to remedy the problem yourself, you would be much better served taking your expensive items in for very inexpensive jewelry repair in Edmonton.

Not Insuring Expensive Jewelry

No one really likes to discuss insurance, however it does serve the important purpose of protecting your investments. If you have purchased or been given an expensive piece of jewelry, adding these items to your home or renters insurance policy is a smart way to ensure the safety of your item. For a relatively small cost, you can be covered against theft, loss, and damage, which you would otherwise be responsible for covering yourself.