Taking Time to Maintain Your Watch Will Keep You and Your Watch Running On Time

Taking Time to Maintain Your Watch Will Keep You and Your Watch Running On Time

Many people wear their watches 365 days a year, keeping them on time for all the important moments in life. Watches come in all shapes and sizes and each person has their own preferred style. Whether you prefer an automatic mechanical watch, a quartz movement watch, a chronograph watch, or even a pocket watch, it is important to make time for watch maintenance and repair. Each type of watch has its own needs, depending on the type; however, there are a few common maintenance items that all watches require.

Over time, watches can become dirty, worn from wear and tear, and require some watch maintenance and repair to ensure optimal performance and a lasting life span.

It has been suggested that in order for a watch to run smoothly and at its best, it should be taken in to a jeweler or watch specialist for a watch maintenance and repair visit every three to five years.

During a maintenance service

During your service, the watch specialist will perform full diagnostics, reviewing all the features of your watch. Your watch will be expertly dismantled and each part will be cleaned, often using an ultrasonic bath for the larger components and manual washing for the most delicate pieces.

Once the watch has been diagnosed and cleaned, the watch specialist will reassemble your watch, and apply a lubricant to make sure that your watch is able to keep ticking away smoothly. After lubrication, the specialist will replace any seals that may require maintenance to improve weather resistance.

Finally, your favorite old watch will be quality checked to ensure that it is working like new again.

Repair the little issues sooner

If your watch is not at the point where it is in need of a full maintenance, but you have noticed that the band is a bit worn, it is running a bit slow (or fast), or the battery has died, a quick trip to a local watch service shop can have it fixed up in no time. By taking your watch in to repair the minor issues, it can keep it running for the long term.

Scheduling time for watch maintenance and repairs allows you to keep your watch running for years to come and keeps your days running smoothly, so you can focus on what’s most important to you.