What to Do if Your Watch Gets Wet

What to Do if Your Watch Gets Wet

A luxury watch is something you should be proud of and a prized possession that you want to wear wherever you go. Hence, it is important to make sure that the treasured timepiece you buy is water resistant to avoid expensive watch repair Edmonton, and to know what to do when the worst happens. The biggest clue that your watch has been compromised by water is condensation. If you look at your watch and find a fogginess or a few droplets of moisture inside, then this is a clear sign that it has been damaged by water.

There are lots of rumors and myths making the rounds for what you can do if your watch has been exposed to water. One of them is putting it on the radiator or placing it in a bag of uncooked rice for 6 to 10 hours. This heat will remove the moisture from the movement and cause the water inside the watch to dry faster and the rice will absorb moisture. However, we suggest you seek expert help, such as On Time Service Corp. who have the experience with watch repair in Edmonton to ensure that all parts of your watch are dry and free of corrosion.  And if your watch had a water-resistant seal that failed, we can replace the seal to protect it against future moisture damage.

Prevention is the Best Method

If water gets into your watch, the consequences can be devastating, including the cost of repair, as all important components, such as hands, movement, and dial can corrode, affecting its performance.

So, it is best to take precautions and guarantee that your watch is water resistant; small things, such as checking for any cracks or chips in the crystal, ensuring the back is firmly in place, and that the crown is properly screwed into place. These are all effective checks when it comes to taking care of your watch and keeping it from being vulnerable to moisture. As well, a careful pressure test will provide additional protection against water damage.

At On Time Service Corp, we offer an air pressure testing service which enables us to check that your watch is still water resistant. This can be done on the spot and takes around 10 minutes.

If any mishap happens and your watch does sustain water damage, then you’ll need to get assistance from professionals. They’ll expertly clean and dry every piece of your watch remove any particles which may have collected inside the watch, and repair all parts that have been damaged by moisture. Contact them for watch repair in Edmonton and any other area of Canada and save your watch from water damage.